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SDGs / Aktual SDGs

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Elshinta supports the implementation of the SDGs

Rabu, 16 Maret 2016 - 04:19 WIB    |    Penulis : Mario Vau    |    Editor : Administrator
Iwan Haryono (left) of Elshinta and Vlastimil Samek of the UN Information Cente (source:
Iwan Haryono (left) of Elshinta and Vlastimil Samek of the UN Information Cente (source:

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)  encompass 17 Goals and 169 Targets of development which impact different aspects of the well being of humanity and the planet. As a continuation of the Millenium Development Goals, the implementation of SDGs occur from 2015 up to 2030.

On Friday (11/03), at the office of the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC), Elshinta and UNIC signed a memorandum of understanding with regards to the coverage and socialization of SDGs implementation in Indonesia. Representing Elshinta was Iwan Haryono as the President Director of PT Content First Indonesia (CFICorp.), while UNIC was represented by its interim Director, Vlastimil Samek. CFICorp. is a division of Elshinta Media Group responsible for international cooperation and the digital divsion of the group. 

Samek stressed the importance of the role of media in explaining the SDGs to the public, as well as raising the awareness of the public on the mutual consequences of The Global Goals' implementation. Haryono emphasized the alignment between the SDGs and the vision and mission of Elshinta Media, which includes Elshinta TV, Radio Elshinta, and Elshinta Magazine. The cooperation with UNIC is an invitation to the public and the government to mutually work at combatting poverty, increasing the level of education and other aspects of Sustainable Development Goals' implementation.

In supporting the success of the SDGs, one of the key elements is ensuring how their implementation might be widely monitored through public participation. Elshinta is identical with the public involvement in calling in incidents or events in the immediate vicinity, through eyewitness reports. This is one factor which contributes in the potential for Elshinta to support the implementation of the SDGs in a concrete manner. All media outlets within the Elshinta Media Group will actively participate in this collaboration to socialize and monitor the implementation of the goals as was carried out since the time that Radio Elshinta has become one of the dedicated news and information station networks in Indonesia. The main difference is that there is currently an additional framework within the context of the development goals. 

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